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Update: Mark Baker’s Apology


Menno is rolling over in his grave over this one.

Read about MARK BAKER’S APOLOGY here:

Which Does God Accept – Apology or Repentance?

See background information:

Mennonite Seminary Professor Debunks the Gospel

Do you know that the Atonement is being Redefined by an Emerging Professor at the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary?

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One Year Later – Nothing has Changed

Over a year ago, when Roll Over Menno stopped blogging, it had become apparent that Mennonites from both MB Conferences (US and Canada) and Mennonite Church Canada were reading here. The feathers that seemed to be ruffled the most were the Mennonites in Fresno, thanks to the notorious 18 men (who have since disappeared from the spotlight). But the questions remains – have the ‘troublesome’ blogs had an effect on their actions? Did they re-examine their teachings and repent? Or did they bury their heads in the sand?

For example, has the USMB Board of Faith & Life (–life) been true to their responsiblities?

The responsibilities of the Board of Faith and Life shall be to:

A. Provide spiritual oversight and serve as the guardian of the Confession of Faith. Any changes or modifications to the Confession of Faith must be processed through this Board for presentation to the Conference;

B. Watch over the spiritual life of the Conference and its churches and give guidance and direction in matters of faith, doctrine and ethics. It shall, when deemed necessary, initiate appropriate action or serve as a reference body in issues of spiritual and social concern;

C. Function as an advisory board to district conferences in matters of ethics, doctrine, and polity;

D. Initiate appropriate disciplinary action when conditions contrary to the teaching of the Bible and the principles of the Conference exist in our churches and conferences;

Have they inititiated appropriate action for the teachings that are contrary to the Bible? If so, one would assume that many of the things they promoted would no longer be condoned. However, they continue to promote the following false teachers, heretics, or promoters of mysticism (here:

* Brian McLaren

* Doug Pagitt

* Dan Kimball

* Tony Jones

Not only have they still not repented of the contemplative books they are recommending to to their students through Ministry Quest (, such as Soul Tending by Creasy Dean & Foster, Leonard Sweet’s, Learn to Dance the Soul Salsa, and Soul Feast by Marjorie J. Thompson, they are still teaching contemplative spiritual formation, such as Lectio Divina ( Note that the link at the bottom of Ministry Quest’s ‘Lectio Divina’ page that takes you to a description by Fr. Luke Dysinger, O.S.B., a Benedictine monk of Saint Andrew’s Abbey (here:

Although Ministry Quest was funded by a large grant from the Lilly Endowment fund, they also rely on the financial support of you Mennonites and your hard earned dollars to keep going (see here: If you are a Mennonite financial contributor who would like to see more students trained in Catholic prayer practices and contemplative spirituality, simply send your money to the Ministry Quest fund at MBBS.

This is only one example, and a quick surfing of the internet has revealed that it is much the same all over Mennoniteville – it appears that nothing has changed. Many of the Mennonites seem to still be involved in the same ecumenical, interspiritual, anti-semitic, contemplative and emergent post-modern compromise in their organizations, churches and institutions of learning. And Menno is still rolling over in his grave.

*NOTE: Roll Over Menno continues to be read daily. See what others are saying about ROM on the Opinion Page.

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Menno is on a Roll

After a long rest, Menno has once again rolled over in his grave.

It has recently come to the attention of many of us bloggers that those in the higher echelons of Mennoville have been highly affected by some of us who are speaking the truth. In fact, the powers that be have gone so far as to address the issues of bloggers! Certainly, this can only mean that the blogs are having an effect! To quell the barrage of doubt in confidence of certain fine Mennonite institutions that has surely ensued, a disclaimer of sorts has been published, or shall we say, an Ad Hominen attack has been launched.

Here is the way that some very serious issues of concern, such as contemplative spirituality and the debunking of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Bible seminary, are being dealt with by their public relations people…

The trouble with blogs
How should MB institutions respond to anonymous attacks?
Lynn Jost

This article also appeared here on December 6 here:
[In the comment section you can read some comments, one of them is by one of the bloggers to whom they may be possibly be referring to.]

More recently, this same article showed up in the Jaunuary 2009 MB Herald here:

As you read this MB article, you will see that instead of dealing with the issues at hand, this is merely a diversionary tactic, an attempt to question and disable the sources. This perhaps is the very reason that anonymous blogs have been forced to appear in the first place. However, as mentioned before on this blog, shooting the messenger has never been a successful method of changing the truth of the message. The truth is, there are prominent Mennonite leaders who have not only walked the labyrinth at Mennonite retreats, daily practice contemplative spiritual disciplines, and believe that Jesus’s death was not the substitutionary sacrificial atonement for our sins, but they also now teach these very things to their students and church congregations.

I encourage anyone reading here to search out the truth about these things on their own. The bloggers are only a small voice of many who know something is wrong. It’s high time that a few more brave Mennonites than just 18 men take a stand for the truth of the gospel Jesus Christ and echo the concern over what these few, barely read bloggers have only begun to dig up. Do it now, while the issue is hot, while Menno is on the roll, and while your heart is burning within you. Or will you stand by passively and watch as the eschelons so easily stamp out the burning coals (like this)?

Here is what you can do if you believe something is wrong in your Mennonite church or the seminary your church supports:

Do some research (there are many good websites in the side column of this blog to help you with this).
Find out what your youth groups are doing.
Ask what books your church leaders are reading and what kind of retreats they have gone to.
Ask them their views on contemplative spirituality and the emerging church.
Go to their websites and search them.
Write your leaders.
Phone your leaders.
Call a church meeting.
Write the MB Herald TODAY and speak out about this issue.
And most of all, pray for discernment and compare all you see with Scripture. The Lord will show you the truth.

Thank you for listening.

May Menno soon R.I.P.

*I would like to thank those who have left supportive comments. They are being read, but not published. Thank you.

Update: for more up to date reviews of the MB Herald, see Menno-lite.

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Contemplative Mennonite Church Spotlight

This is the new feature that ROM has been planning to do for quite some time now. It’s called the Roll Over Menno Church Apostasy Award of the Week . This week the award goes to a church which is affiliated with Mennonite Church Canada (B.C.).

Contemplative Mennonite Church Spotlight

Today if you log onto Mennonite Church British Columbia ( you will see a link at the bottom of the page that says “Employment opportunities at West Abbotsford.” Clicking on this link will take you to the website of a church in B.C., Canada ( where you will see, in the upper right menu of their website, a link to their church blog. The only reason attention is being drawn to this is because this church is a classic example of how the Mennonites have drifted away from the foundations of the gospel and into a spirituality that is not taught in the Bible.

On their church blog ( you will find the following:

There is a link to short video called Secrets to a Happy Life which is a series of very pretty pictures with quotes from various people who are well-known or successful by the world’s standards, such as 33rd degree Freemason Norman Vincent Peale (2 quotes), and Mother Teresa (1 quote), to name a few. (Is this really what this church believes to be the secrets to a happy life? What about the secrets and promises God has given us in the Bible? Isn’t the role of the church to preach and teach the Word of God? Isn’t He our only source of happiness through faith in Jesus Christ?)

Also on this church blog you will find an excerpt from various books, such as John Ortberg’s book, God is Closer Than You Think, The Shack by William P. Young, and The Papa prayer by Larry Crabb.

All Bible quotes and quips on this church’s blog are from the Spiritual Formation Bible, such as this one entered June 14:

“Responding. PRAYER. The images of searching and seeking are powerful metaphors for prayer. Since the twelfth century Christians have used prayer labyrinths to seek God. The physical action of walking through a maze and stopping at various prayer stations symbolizes a contemplative journey. This ancient meditation has experienced a recent renaissance. Visit a labyrinth walk, or if you can’t find one nearby, try an online labyrinth or create your own version of a walking meditation.”

You will also notice in May a post about the Spring Taize Service at Westminster Abbey – Benedictine Monastery (no shorts allowed in Abbey during warm season!).

Also posted in May was something called Presence: Increasing your awareness of God, a retreat at the (contemplative) Mark Centre designed to help discover and practice the presence of God in your everyday life in individual and group settings

This Mennonite church’s blog is so far into spiritual formation that not only are there quotes by contemplatives such as Richard Foster, but you will even find the Examen of Consciousness (Ignatius Loyola) and this link to Metamorpha.

Also according to their website, this church’s spiritual formation leaders, have received spiritual direction from Steve Imbach of Soul Stream.

This is not the only Canadian Mennonite church that has sadly joined the emergent or contemplative ranks, but it provides the most current information through their blog. The following is an older example of a church from the Mennonite Brethren denomination which has been leading in the contemplative direction within the last few years:

Refresh 2004 in B.C.

Disciplines that foster “contemplative-in-action” ministry were the focus of the Refresh 2004 event at North Langley (B.C.) Community Church Oct. 29. Garry Schmidt, spiritual director and pastoral counsellor at San Francisco Theological Seminary (who also led Refresh days in Alberta and Saskatchewan earlier this year) led the group of about 60 people as they considered practices such as lectio divina, centering prayer, Sabbath living, the prayer of examen and the Jesus prayer. They concluded with communion.

Note: It’s been reported that this church also recently dedicated a morning women’s presentation to Mother Teresa.

It’s a sad fact the many Mennonite churches have not only gone Purpose Driven, but have headed in the emergent and contemplative direction. It doesn’t seem to matter which Mennonite conference they are accountable to, as these new trends in spirituality are supported and endorsed by all at the top of their Mennonite ladders. It is a fact that contemplative spirituality has now infiltrated most Mennonite churches.

ROM had planned on looking at more of these churches in the weeks to come, until the door closed this week.

The Announcement is coming up next.

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Menno Simons on Discernment

The following quote is from the writings of Menno Simons (

“In the seventh place it should be observed that the church of Christ in her weakness, is disposed and minded as Christ; for Paul says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature,” 2 Cor. 5:17; he s led by the Spirit; and acknowledges through this Spirit that he abides in God and God in him; he partakes of the divine nature. Yea, dear reader, the true church hates that which Christ hates, and loves that which he loves; for she is his Bride, flesh of his flesh, and ” made to drink into one Spirit.” Therefore she can not be otherwise minded than Christ is minded, for she is begotten of his word and abides in him and he in, over, and through her, 1 John 4:12; John ls:4 7.

Compare this with the church of antichrist, and you will find that ‘ it is of like nature as her father of whom she is begotten, namely, proud, envious, murderous, false, disobedient, self conceited, earthly and, carnally minded, selfish, avaricious, bold, proud, pompous, superfluous, impure, and altogether opposed to Christ. For all things that Christ prohibits, they do; and that which he commands, they despise; whatever he hates, they love, and whatever he loves, they hate; notwithstanding they boast that they gather an abiding church, as has been heard, 1 Cor. 8:6; 1 John 3:24; 4:13. He that hath ears let him hear, and judge whether or not I speak the truth.

In the eighth place it should be observed that the church of Christ brings forth the fruits of Christ, as he says, “I am the vine, ye are the branches. He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit,” John 15:6.

Every tree bears after its own kind; all who are born of God, and partake of the divine nature, fear, love, serve and praise God with all their heart; walk unblam ably; fraternally teach, admonish, reprove, uphold, and comfort their neighbor; daily die unto the flesh and its lusts; conform their, ways according to the word of the Lord and continually lament over their being such poor, weak and frail sinners, Matt. 7:17.

They strive to become conformable unto the death of the Lord that they may arise from the. death of their sins, and that they may attain unto a perfect being in Christ. Not, my reader, that they have already attained or become perfect. By no means; but they strive, with Paul, to follow after, if that they may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus, Phil. 3:12.

On the other hand look at the fruits of the church of anti christ. Their preachers falsely teach; boldly deceive, and live an easy, superfluous life. The magistracy behave as if they were born for no purpose but to make war and tumults; to torture, murder, destroy cities and countries; to make vain show, drink, carouse, and to live in all manner of lasciviousness, yea, many act so that they, alas, would better be called Leones rugientes (roaring lions) and lwpi ves pertini (howling wolves) than human! (human beings) and reasonable persons to say nothing of christians.

The common people drink, carouse, curse, swear, grasp, tear, lie, and cheat. In short, we find such behavior on every hand, as if God was a chimera, and his word a fable. Behold, such are the fruits of those who boldly boast that they are the church of Christ. Oh! would to God that they could see what Christ Jesus, after whom they call themselves, and his holy apostles, have taught them in plain words, and what example they left them, that they might yet be saved. For as it is they only play with the letter, cry and boast; but, alas, no spirit, work, power and fruits are apparent.”

(Book 2) Page 80

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